W podróży po Ameryce Południowej używamy geolokalizatora SPOT. Pod poniższym linkiem możesz zobaczyć naszą trasę z ostatnich siedmiu dni.


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  1. Hello Radek and Bogny!!!

    it is not a long time ago, when we asked you about information about Guyana and Michelles island…. In the end, we made it, all the way from Manaus to Cayenne with a stop at Roraima… So once again, thanks for your kind comments, advise and most of all – inspiration…
    I have made an article about this trip on our blog/travel web, where we gradually post photos and comments. It is in the Czech language, but with the help of google translator is nowaday everything possible:-)
    I would be also happy, if you added us to you your favourites on facebook… This wednesday I will post a new article about Michelles Island and next time (July?) about the rest of Guyana. So if you agree, we could Exchange our „likes” on facebook, as it is the main way to stay in regular contact… https://www.facebook.com/tbeastbeautycom/?fref=ts

    1. Hi Milan, happy to hear you enjoyed Guyanas (we envy you the Rroraima, we didn’t have time for it then 🙁 ). We visited your blog and with the help of Google Translate everything was easy to read and also enjoyed the photos. Hope to meet you on the trail one day! Best regards from Augustow. Radek & Bogna


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